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Balanced Healing & Counseling Center specializes in helping a person return to a state of balance within their mind and body after experiencing stress or trauma.  Stress and trauma can be expressed through symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance use, impulsive behaviors, perfectionism, anger outbursts, people pleasing, and lack of motivation to name a few.  It can be expressed through the body as gut dysfunction, struggles with weight, autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and many more.  The journey to rebalance the system starts by accepting that the mind and body cannot be separated.  When a person experiences a stressor, both the mind and body are affected in countless ways and if attention is not given to both areas, they will move into a state of disease.  

Balanced Healing & Counseling Center uses multiple different methods to address imbalances in the mind and body at the root level, including psychotherapeutic approaches, Functional Nutritional Therapy practices, sound and vibrational techniques, and energy work.  This multifaceted approach hopes to bring the body and mind back into a place of balance in order to reconnect to the truest form of ourselves.   

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