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Peter Hess Singing Bowl played on feet © Gloss Photography Studios-197.jpg

Peter Hess Sound Massage uses therapeutic sing bowls which are placed on the body and gently rung, sending gentle vibrations and frequencies throughout the body. Each of our cells vibrate at a certain frequency and different sources of stress can disrupt those vibrations and frequencies, leading to a state of disease. When the therapeutic singing bowls are rung on, or in the aura of the body, the vibrations and frequencies of the bowls can help our cells return to their natural state of being.

Peter Hess Singing bowl played on the hand © Gloss Photography Studios-232 (3).jpg

Due to stress and traumas that have been endured, our bodies often stay in a state of protection with some tension held throughout our body. Peter Hess Sound Massage can be beneficial to help those tensions release due to the safe nature of singing bowls and minimal person to person touching, which is experienced in a typical massage. Due to the deep relaxed state that is often reached during a sound massage, people can return to their body and feel safe, grounded, and calm.

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